What is Dreamwork?

Dreamwork is an intentional process of focusing on a client's dreams in order to promote insight, healing and trust in the client's own inner wisdom. It assumes that the dream or nightmare is a meaningful expression from the client's inner Self or spirit, triggered by something current in his or her experience.

Different modalities tend to apply different methods, each of which has its own value.   Interpretation requires a sensitive dialogue with the dreamer to bring out the relevant associations; and the dreamer is the only one who can tell when a dream is accurately interpreted. Strong emotions are sometimes stirred in the process, especially when there is underlying trauma.

A particularly effective combination of methods involves telling the dream, drawing it, exploring associations, interviewing significant roles in the dream, and, if it is unfinished, encouraging the dreamer to create a further ending to the story. Clients should be encouraged to keep a Dream Journal, so that themes can be observed as they develop.
Definition by Margaret Bowater in NZ Resource and Referral Directory

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